1. Licorice Finn
    Northfield, Vermont
  2. Sammy Blanchette
    Rutland, Vermont
  3. Lance Mills
    Fairlee, Vermont
  4. Of Conscious Mind
    Randolph, Vermont
  5. Breanna Elaine
  6. Rebecca Turmel
    Concord, New Hampshire
  7. Quaranteam
    Barre, Vermont
  8. Echo Rose Rising
  9. Dangusangus
    New York, New York
  10. Dave Wrong
    Randolph, Vermont
  11. laur
    Brooklyn, New York
  12. The Cheyenne Brando
    Tucson, Arizona
  13. Jim Yeager
    Woodstock, Vermont
  14. Phil Dog
    San Bernardino, California


The Underground Randolph, Vermont

The Underground is a recording studio located in Randolph, VT. It offers a large live room, for great sounding drums and full band tracking. A separate control room presents a convenient space for reference listening and lounging.

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